Organizing for social and economic change is really hard.

Most grassroots organizing systems are antiquated, expensive, and require extensive training in order to use. This technology gap leaves most of us with a lot of confusion about how to reorganize our communities.

workflow-based organizing

Potluck structures campaigns in workflows of Tables and Servings. With an easy to use interface you can learn how to complete specific, valuable tasks for any electoral or advocacy campaign and get to work.

Mindfulness and political science, step by step

Too often politics are riddled with stress and anxiety. Core trainings on Potluck are designed with mindfulness practices so you can come into the work with calm, focus and confidence.

automatic campaign manager

The chaos of grassroots campaigns can be too much for even seasoned professionals. This is why Potluck features a simple, “Sidekick” to help you and your groups find, schedule and adjust the plan.