POTLUCK Update #1

I feel excited and grateful after a week of back to back conferences at Trans Tech 2018 and Aspiration’s Non Profit Software Development Summit.

THANK YOU to the dozens of professionals at both conferences who shared their insights, advice and references. With your input, I learned about the realities of developing software. Both experiences showed me there is real interest and energy to make Potluck possible.

Why Potluck?

Today more advocates are choosing to abandon permanent organizing on the ground in favor of very top-down, digital organizing with email blasts. Emails that tell you, “sign this, donate more, rally there and then!” A little soul-sucking, isn’t it? This trend is making it harder for average citizens/residents to learn how to actually engage in our democracy.

Meanwhile, traditional campaign software is often expensive with a high learning curve.

With a workflow-based community organizing solution, we could empower anyone to learn how the professionals do it and then execute campaigns step by step. When we do things step by step we can do them mindfully, too. Potluck is about clear paths for centering ourselves and our democracy.

Next Steps

This project is in concept phase. Next steps involve developing a wireframe of the workflow-based organizing concept, a roadmap to Minimum Viable Product, and forming an advisory committee. I will continue to seek input from software developers, designers, organizers and strategists.

Starting a grassroots campaign is similar to starting a company.

Community organizers have to develop a strategy, raise money, recruit and train (often hundreds of) supporters and then mobilize the community’s collected resources into effective action. One must adapt to an always changing situation. Most organizers hope for an orderly chaos.

Thank you for being here. Please consider supporting this project with your talent and other resources. With hard work and luck, we could realize a new mindfulness-based paradigm for grassroots democracy.

Thank you,